College of Engineering

With a firm grounding in fundamentals, Penn State’s College of Engineering embraces multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education and research, while integrating component solutions into a systems perspective. With 12 departments and schools offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines and computer science, and with more than 30 research centers and laboratories, the College is one of the nation’s leading academies of learning, discovery, and application. Its work is intertwined with industry, both in Pennsylvania and further afield, thus affording students unparalleled training and employment opportunities.

The College of Engineering accepted its first Millennium Scholars in 2013. Cohort 1 is set to graduate in May 2017.

Cohort 1
Victor Acero
Luke Gockowski
Alek Piasecki
Jason Turner
Kevin Wang

Cohort 2
Nmachi Anumba
Grace Noel
Caroline Van Pelt

Cohort 3
Oluwasanmi Ariyo
Amanda Craine
Abdoulaye Diallo
Julia Harrer
Kandice Pettaway
Sarea Recalde-Phillips
Matthew Suarez

Cohort 4
Christian Reyes Loring
Alyx Oakley
Christopher Pratt
Alexis Pritchard
Elijah Reber
Stephan Terry