Eberly College of Science

The Eberly College of Science is the home of the basic biological, physical, and mathematical sciences at Penn State. This vibrant scientific community that has emerged as a premier center of education and research with exceptional students, alumni, staff, and faculty. The College offers undergraduates 16 majors and 13 minors to choose from across seven academic departments. The College’s annual research expenditures exceed $100 million, and current College faculty and students are conducting more than 3,000 research projects.

The Eberly College of Science accepted its first Millennium Scholars in 2013. Cohort 1 graduated in May 2017.

Cohort 2
Tiffany Bamfo
Stephanie Brown
Patty de Tomas Medina
Alex Nader
Emma Price
Gabby Swain
Olivia Viella
Inger Wang
Sneha Yennawar

Cohort 3
Brian Carvajal
Arthur Chinery
Phillip Claurer
Andrea Gade
Talayah Johnson
Idan Kantor
Johnathan Kizer
Joash Lake
David Lee
Sarah Magee
Fabiola Madonado
Kandice Pettaway
Ishan Phadke
Takara Richard
Olivia Richards
Ivan Yen
Maddie Zalenski

Cohort 4
Nokrane Ahmadi
Audrey Arner
Tania Barnatan
Carlos Curay
Destiny Durante
Anastasia Hale
Teniola Idowu
Sojung Kim
Cuyler Luck
Bianka Onwumbiko
Ananda Rankin
Christian Reyes Loring
Ashley Saunders
Marlisa Shaw
Miah Sherman
Tia Walker

Cohort 5
Woudasie Admasu
Marinelle Azar
Donovan Brown
Glenn Duncan
Alesandra Echeandia
Collin Heckman
Nyomi Hudson
Phoebe McClincy
Sarine McKenzie
Sasha Neely
Lasair Ni Chochlain
Brian Parkes
Monique Porter
Austin Red Wing
Isabella Rieco
Laurel Weiss