College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences comprises five highly ranked academic departments (Energy and Mineral Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Materials Science and Engineering, and Meteorology), three research institutes (the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, EMS Energy Institute, and the Institute for Natural Gas Research), and an innovative online education entity, the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute.  It is home to approximately 250 faculty, 125 staff, 1,500 undergraduate,s and 550 graduate students.  Established in 1896, the College has an outstanding reputation for high-quality teaching and student centeredness, as well as research and service to industry, government, and communities.

The College is a world leader in generating the fundamental knowledge needed to develop novel solutions to challenges such as:

  • achieving energy security,
  • sustaining a viable planetary life support system,
  • developing profoundly new materials to meet societal needs, and
  • creating knowledge of how changing human goals and values will influence the scientific questions of the future.

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences accepted its first Millennium Scholars in 2016.