Future Student FAQ

Eng design workshop 2016 robotQ: How much does it cost to apply to the Millennium Scholars Program?
A: There is no additional application fee to apply to the program. Learn more about how to apply.

Q: Can I apply to the Millennium Scholars Program after I have enrolled at Penn State, or if I am transferring to Penn State from another college or university?
A: No. Only current high school seniors can apply to the program.

Q: Can I start at another Penn State campus (besides University Park) and be a Millennium Scholar?
A: No. Millennium Scholars candidates must attend classes at the University Park campus for all four years. Scholars start work during the summer between their senior years in high school and the fall semester at University Park.

Q: If I am accepted into the Millennium Scholars Program, is my scholarship guaranteed for four years?
A: No. Renewal of the Millennium Scholars Program scholarship is contingent upon the student maintaining a high GPA and good standing in the program (including participation in program activities, research, and adherence to individualized action plans for success).

Q: Do I have to participate in the Summer Bridge program, or can I begin my studies during the fall semester?
A: All Millennium Scholars must complete the Summer Bridge program.

Q: Can I have a Study Abroad experience while I am a Millennium Scholar?
A: Yes! Millennium Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of Penn State’s vast Education Abroad offerings. Students work closely with their advisers to identify appropriate education abroad experiences and to build them into the students’ academic plans.

Q: How long will it take to graduate?
A: Millennium Scholars are expected to graduate within four years.

Q: Does my graduate work have to be done at Penn State?
A: No. We encourage Millennium Scholars to get into the best graduate programs in their chosen fields, wherever those are.

Q: If I do not receive an offer for admission to the Millennium Scholars Program, can I still participate in some way?
A: Although only students who have attended the Summer Bridge program can graduate as Millennium Scholars, many of our program activities are open to all students, and interested students are welcome to participate in those events.

Q: Can I appeal the decision if I am not selected to participate in the Millennium Scholars Program?
A: No. All admission decisions and offers are final.

Q: Can I participate in the Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP) instead of the Millennium Scholars Program’s Summer Bridge?
A: No, participation in the Summer Bridge program is required of all Millennium Scholars.