The Millennium Scholar Experience

ScholarExperienceThe Penn State Millennium Scholars Program is designed to ensure scholars not only graduate from Penn State, but also that they go on to become leaders in their chosen fields. Read our new Program brochure to learn much more about this extraordinary opportunity.

Summer Bridge: An intensive six-week bridge program, held during the summer before the first year for all incoming Millennium Scholars, is an integral part and signature of this program. The program covers the costs of tuition, room-and-board, and a variety of professional development activities during the Summer Bridge. During the six-week bridge, the scholars:

  • begin their academic careers and build relationships within their cohort that will benefit them throughout their time at Penn State and beyond;
  • take rigorous foundational courses and seminars in math, professional communication skills, chemistry, and engineering;
  • receive and introduction to research at Penn State;
  • learn important life skills, including time management, problem-solving, and smart study habits; and
  • participate in team-building exercises, community service opportunities, social events, and field trips to national labs, museums, and industrial partners; and
  • participate in Penn State’s renowned World in Conversation project, which gives students the opportunity to have important social and cultural conversations.

Scholarly Community: The Penn State Millennium Scholars are a small, tight community of learners, living and working together in a family-like community. Studying in groups is strongly and consistently encouraged, with scholars from older cohorts contributing to new students’ success. Millennium Scholars live on campus during their first three years of study, and then may choose to stay on campus or move off campus during the fourth year.

Program Components: Millennium Scholars ultimately contribute to society through their world-class research, with most pursuing advanced degrees in STEM fields. The program cultivates academic excellence; shared knowledge; and comprehensive mentoring, tutoring, and advising opportunities.

Academic Coaching: In addition to advising through their academic colleges and departments, Millennium Scholars receive personalized attention from an academic and administrative team dedicated to their success. Program coordinators help scholars navigate their curricula and lives at this large research university. The team also provides resources and contacts to help scholars obtain summer internships and opportunities to work in research laboratories on campus during each academic year. Penn State’s world-class faculty offer scholars engaging and interactive learning environments in their research labs. Scholars are required to complete a research thesis, which helps to prepare them for graduate school and future research. As Scholars progress with their research, the Millennium Scholars Program team will provide additional resources and contacts to help them participate in study abroad opportunities, attend scientific conferences to present the results of their research, and ultimately matriculate into top graduate programs in their chosen fields.