Millennium Scholars Program Thesis Information

The Thesis Process: The thesis is the culmination of each Millennium Scholar’s research experience. Writing a research thesis gives each scholar the opportunity to demonstrate research abilities and proficiency regarding a STEM-related topic. By conducting research and writing the thesis under the supervision of  faculty mentors, scholars strengthen faculty relationships, deepen their understanding of a topic, and contribute to expanding the frontiers of knowledge in their fields. The process also enables scholars to enhance their research and communication skills, which are critical to succeed in graduate studies and future careers.

A Millennium Scholar’s thesis must be based on STEM-related research in which the student has participated, as guided by a faculty supervisor in a department of one of the five colleges affiliated with the Millennium Scholars Program. Research outside of a STEM-related area is not allowed. The thesis should follow the format of a scientific paper in the Scholar’s discipline, with an introduction, followed by methods, results and discussion sections, and appropriate acknowledgments and references. Thesis formats should follow specific department and college guidelines as appropriate. Scholars that are also in the Schreyer Honors College (SHC) may use one STEM research-based thesis to meet the thesis requirements of both programs, and should follow the SHC thesis guidelines. Links to guidelines provided by the STEM colleges and the SHC are provided at the end of this section.

Thesis Deadlines: Scholars are encouraged to start their thesis research as early as possible, optimally during their first year of study. The following deadlines reflect the latest time that each of the milestones should be completed.

Identification of Thesis Supervisor April 1 of scholar’s sophomore year
Begin working with Thesis Supervisor Fall semester of scholar’s junior year
Submission of thesis proposal March 1 of scholar’s junior year
Submit Updated Thesis Proposal and Title December 1 of scholar’s senior year
Submit Thesis Draft for Format Review February 1 of scholar’s senior year
Submit Thesis Draft to Advisor for Review March 1 of scholar’s senior year
Submit Thesis Draft to Second Reader March 15 of scholar’s senior year
Receive Comments from Second Reader March 30 of scholar’s senior year
Submit Final Draft of Thesis to Program including signature pages April 10 of scholar’s senior year

In addition to these program deadlines, scholars (as guided by their thesis supervisors) are encouraged to set monthly deadlines for completion of specific tasks. For example, a scholar and her supervisor may want to set deadlines for completing background reading and data collection and for submitting thesis drafts for review. Scholars are also encouraged to schedule regular meetings with their supervisors to monitor and discuss their progress.