MSP Thesis Submission Requirements

The completion of the thesis submission process culminates in the electronic submission of the thesis to the Millennium Scholars Thesis Website. The official copy of thesis will be on file with the University Libraries.

All submissions should be made in PDF format. In order to ensure graduation as a Millennium Scholar students need to meet all submission deadlines.

All Millennium Scholars need to submit a thesis to the Millennium Scholars Website. If you are a member of the Schreyer Honors College you will submit your thesis to both websites.


Format Review (submission deadline February 1 of senior year)

  1. Submit a single PDF of the draft of your thesis. This draft will be reviewed to ensure scholars are following formatting guidelines. The thesis does not have to be complete for this submission but the draft should contain all of the sections that will appear in the final thesis.
  2. The name of the file should be LastName_FirstName_ThesisTitle.pdf (i.e. Green_Joy_DevCElegans.pdf)
  3. Submit your draft for format review at the Millennium Scholars Thesis website. 

Final Submission (submission deadline April ~10 of senior year)

  1. Carefully proofread the thesis including the title and signatory pages.
  2. Add your academic vita at the end of your thesis.
  3. Save the final thesis in PDF format.
  4. Complete the signatory page. The signatory page is not submitted electronically. Collect the signatures and submit the signatory page to the Millennium Scholars Program office. Make sure the names and titles on the signatory page are exactly the same as those on the title page of your thesis. Students who are also in the Schreyer Honors College may submit a copy of the signatory page.

Go to the Millennium Scholars Thesis website and upload your final thesis.

Final Approval

The author and thesis supervisor will be notified when the final thesis is approved. Your thesis will be publicly available within a month after graduation unless you have requested restricted access.