Thesis Formatting Guide


Please use the formatting guidelines and thesis templates provided in the links to the right. Members of the Schreyer Honors College should use the template and guidelines provided here. If your department has a specific template or formatting guidelines please use the template and guidelines provided by your department. Keep in mind that your thesis should follow the formatting and style of professional writing in your discipline. Consult with your thesis supervisor to ensure that your style and formatting is appropriate for your discipline.

Fonts and Color

Font Type: Use Times New Roman font.

Font Size: Font should be no smaller than 11-point and no larger thant 12-point. It is permitted to use smaller font in tables, figures and appendices.

Font Color: The text of the thesis should be in black font. Color is permitted in figures, tables, charts, etc.


Organization and Page Numbers

Organization: Each section of thesis should begin on a new page, this includes elements of the front matter (abstract, acknowledgments, etc), the reference sections and appendices.

Do not type a heading near the bottom of a page unless there is room for at least two lines text after the heading.

Page Numbers: All pages in the thesis should be numbered except the title and signatory pages. Pages with figures and tables should be numbered. Lower case Roman numerals are used for the front matter and Arabic numbers for the text. Please refer to the template regarding page numbers.

Title and Signatory Pages

Title Page: Use the template provided. Please make sure you list the correct professional titles of your thesis supervisor and reviewer. Check with your thesis supervisor or their department for the correct information. Do not include titles such as Dr. or PhD.

Examples: Penny Stater, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Thesis Supervisor; Millie Scholar, Professor of Biochemistry and Moleculary Biology, Reviewer

Signatory Page: The signatures on the signatory page indicate that your thesis supervisor and reviewer have approved your final thesis. Each thesis requires a minimum of two signatures, your thesis supervisor and a reviewer. If your deparment does not provide a reviewer for your thesis the Millennium Scholars Program will identify a reveiwer for you.

The signatory page should not be included with your electronic submission. Please submit a hard copy to the Millennium Scholars Program office. If you are a member of the Schreyer Honors College you may submit a copy of your signatory page to the MSP office.


The abstract is a brief summary of the content of your thesis. The abstract should be at least one paragraph but usually no longer than one page. The abstract should motivate the reader to examine the entire thesis. Consider including the following sections in your abstract:

Motivation: Why did you examine this topic?

Problem Statement: What question or questions are you addressing? What problem are you trying to solve?

Methods: What methods did you use to address the question(s)?

Results: What were your findings?

Conclusions: What are the implications of your research? What might be next steps with regards to this topic or question?

Table of Contents

The table of contents lists the topics of the thesis. You should build your table of contents using the headings in your thesis. The headings in your text should match exactly the headings in the table of contents. The title of each appendix should be included in the table of contents.